Monday, December 22, 2008

The Unconditional Freedom Process officially on Blogspot

It took me way too long to get my first post on blogspot, but here it is. May this be the start of an exciting adventure in the blogosphere.

I plan to dedicate this particular blog to news about a simple yet powerful questioning/inquiry process currently referred to as UFP (which stands for Unconditional Freedom Process).

I used to call it TDUC in the early years of its existence (the shortcut for 'Technology for Disappearing Unwanted Conditions').

I got the idea of it and instantaneous passion and commitment to share it with the world, on Friday December 18th , 1998.

Thus I am also creating my first post on this blog to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of a great new possibility--the possibility of permanent unconditional freedom from any unwanted condition in life.

My plan for the next few posts is to give a little history of the unfoldment and gradual manifestation of this possibility over the past 10 years, which could only be possible thanks to hundreds of people being ready and willing to experience REAL freedom.

Then I will report on current developments as they occur.

My wish is that many more people will find this blog and make this possibility of unconditional freedom, a reality in their daily lives. I welcome any feedback and suggestions to fulfill this wish quickly, easily, happily and effortlessly.

Thank YOU for helping to share the direct experience of inner peace and freedom with all your friends and through them, with the rest of the world.